Immigration Policy Innovation: Spousal Sponsorship

Immigration: It’s not just an application. It’s about lives.

The Canadian government’s public pledge to reduce processing times for spousal sponsorship applications is only half the story.

Project Name: Redesign of the Canadian Spousal Sponsorship immigration process

Client/Sponsor: IRCC (formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada)

Date: June – August 2016

Team: Berger Ebbi, Nourhan Hegazy, Jennifer McDougall, Prateeksha Singh

Objective: To review the family spousal sponsorship process (Inland and Foreign) and redesign with an aim to reduce the lengthy processing times, while also creating a smoother service experience for all involved (from applicants, immigration lawyers/consultants, to IRCC employees, etc).

Outcome:  Once the process was broken down into the main stages: pre-application submission, application completion, and post-submission, our team chose to hone in on the last stage. We proposed a redesign of the process that would allow applicants to submit a stronger application that demonstrates their continued commitment to each other vs. applying as soon as they become eligible, assisting them to feel more confident in the process, and having processing time, due diligence and process benefits for the government.

My role: I participated in all key stages from concept generation, research, qualitative research (interviews, coding/analysis/synthesis of results), concept development, presentations, to voice-over work for final video submission.

Mpathy Insights: When a challenge is too big- attack it by breaking it up into smaller pieces.

MediaToronto Star feature – a collaboration with Canadian Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship