Who is MPATHY?

MPATHY works to explore at the unique and creative intersections of Design Research, Futures, and  Systems to uncover rich insights.



My name is Prateeksha Singh, and I am MPATHY. As a creative consultant, I look to engage with community, community investors and organizations to explore the possibilities our world can provide for us in the future.

I bring with me over a decade of cumulative experience from the corporate, non-profit, social enterprise, academia and government sectors. A strong believer in the power of creativity, projects incorporate an arts and/or visual communication element when applicable (where possible) because I believe we can have deeper and more complex conversations when we are bringing all of ourself forward, instead of just our verbal side. Words alone can be limiting and exclusionary. Equally important is the power of collaboration, and diversity of said collaboration, and to this end,  depending on the project, MPATHY turns to its incredible network of creative and talented professionals around the world.

I am amongst many things, a-

deeply curious person,

designer who is always thinking about the impact of my work and what ethical and equitable collaborations mean,

CPA (Certified Public Accountant, U.S) who is very comfortable with the quantitative,

black & white film photographer who is always exploring how to look at things from different angles,

global citizen, and

lover of nature and culture and fabrics.

I bring my whole self to the work I do.

I believe quantitative and qualitative research when combined with storytelling and creativity produces an extremely powerful experience. It can be used as a medium to increase engagement (of multiple parties) and drive impact.


Thank you! I look forward to getting to know you better.